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This Town was earlier referred as Govur. According to Brahma Puranam, Kovvur (Govuru) is considered as the place of Gautama Maharishi Ashramam. Kovvuru is a transformed name of Govuru which originated from the above. The names of various places around Kovvuru highlight this fact. It is believed that Gautama established a Vijneswara temple in the South and a Kumaraswami temple in the North of his Ashrama. These are currently known as Vijjeswaram and Kumaradevam. The place where Gautama ploughed the farm was Arikirevula which is transformed to Arikirevu. Vadapalli, Munikoodali, Brahmanagudem were the places of Rishis. The place where Ahalya lived was called Togumi which is currently called Togummi. The place where the cow was Died was chavugallu which is currently called Chagallu .Kovvuru Goshpada Kshetram is very sacred place and a must visit place during pushkaras.
Kovvuru is situated on the west bank of the Godavari River, at distance of 92 km from the district headquarters Eluru.  It is located at 17.0167°N 81.7333°E and is the Most Peaceful and Devotional Town in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, “Goshpada Kshetram” very well Known Spiritual Tourist Place, Where Godavari Pushkaralu takes place. The other distinguishing feature of the Godavari River is, it has a Road- cum- Rail Bridge which is one of the longest in India which connects Kovvur town with Rajahmundry city. 

The town is also blessed with three Vedic educational institutions. At that time, the local people were very much interested to install the DAV School in Kovvur and they had approached the DAV Organization. Shri.Potru.Brahmanandam, M.D., DEVI Sea Foods, a Multi-National Company has come forwarded to establish the DAV Institution in Kovvur. The great philanthropist has donated the 2 Acers of land in the out cuts of the town. Finally, the school has been established on 23rdJune 2003 with very few children from LKG to Class V and  the school was in South Zone under the jurisdiction of Mrs. Seetha Kiran, Regional Director till April’2014.  Later on the school moved to Andhra Pradesh Zone-I under the jurisdiction of Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, Manager & Regional Officer.   

Initially the School building was in rented building for five years. The Donor again helped to construct a huge school building with 14 Class Rooms and then the school building was inaugurated on 2nd October 2007 by Shri.R.N.Mittal, the Vice President, DAV College Managing Committee. 

The school is following the ideology of the Swami Dayanand Saraswathi while teaching – learning practices to impart the educational, spiritual and cultural values among the children.  The school is conducting and organizing various co-curricular activities sports and games, science fares, talent test to face the tomorrow’s challenges at the global level.

Due to this, the school is able to produce the children with human touch and been proved the same during their actions.  The school never thinks about the results but concentrates only on quality, purity in thoughts and actions.  Even though, every year the school is achieving extraordinary results during the Board Examinations with the hard work of the children, commitment & dedication of the staff, great tremendous support by the parents & grandparents of the children and excellent guidelines by the DAV Fraternity.

Still we are in hungry to provide and improve our school to serve the people in the immediate vicinity with the enlightened torch of education.  We impart the education that helps the children to imbibe a sense of deep patriotism, a disciplined outlook, deeply dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.  We aim at creative environment, conductive to the development of every child mentally, physically, morally and spiritually.  In short, we equip the children to face the competitive world with different competitive tests with confidence.  We concentrate on the all-round development of the children.  

Everything is possible to make human touch citizens, if a child gets love & affection from family, meaningful integrated education from school and sensible atmosphere in the society.  We try our best with all the stake holders of the institution.

We believe that every child has a dream and the potential to make difference and we believe in helping him to achieve it.  We hope to continue making a positive difference to the lives of the children under our care.

The school believes in growth with vision and is confident that it shall be able to achieve its dreams, with the help of parents.  We try our best to inculcate enduring values in the children in order to facilitate the growth of a nation of global citizens, committed to world peace and progress.  Great care is taken to ensure that children gain exposure to ‘creative activities’ and ‘life skills management’ besides academics, so that, they are empowered to become confident, self-motivated seekers of knowledge.

The School hopes to realize its goals with the support and guidance of the parents and well-wishers.  The School is committed to help the children develop holistically to fire their interests in learning and help them to realize their full potential irrespective of the circumstances they are born into.  A few milestones have been reached; many more are yet to be conquered.  We are confident of scaling greater heights and bringing further renown to the DAV banner.

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